About Us


The Albinism Society of South Africa was established in 1992 and is the brainchild of the Executive Director, Mrs Nomasonto Mazibuko. The whole idea of establishing the organisation was to enhance the self esteem of people with albinism, enable and support parents to care properly for children with albinism, and create  socially acceptable conditions for people with albinism. This is achieved by running a number of projects and programmes, as well as running a workshops and seminars.

The other aim of the society is collecting and disseminating information on albinism to communities around the country 


Our vision as the Albinism Society of South Africa is to enhance the self esteem of persons with albinism.


Our mission is educate and provide user friendly information on albinism to the community, dispelling myths  and misconceptions while alleviating trauma around albinism.

Aims and Objectives

* To enhance the self esteem of people with albinism

* To provide educational programs that will assist members to acquire skills towards adequate health conditions as well as social and economic stability

* To offer information on albinism to its members and the community through programs that will amplify the fact that "Albinism is a manageable condition".

* To alleviate the trauma experienced by people with albinism , their families and associates by assisting them to accept the situation and providing support by educating them and the community through workshops, seminars and conferences.

Meet some of our supporters

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